Jeni's Spring Koozies (set of 2)

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  • Jeni's Spring Koozies (set of 2)

It’s all about the accessories

Cuter-than-a-kitten, our spring koozies are like a light jacket for your pints. Slip them on to keep the chill off your fingertips while you enjoy your ice cream straight from the pint. Comes in a set of two designs to fit your spring mood. The soft knit fabric is made in the US from recycled plastic water bottles. Our koozies sold like hot cakes last time (like, gone in hours)—so grab yours before they’re gone!

Knit slippy made from recycled water bottles. Made in North Carolina. Will stretch to fit coffee cups, pint glasses, cans, water bottles, wine glasses, and, of course, pints of Jeni’s.

Includes 2 koozies - 1 of each design.