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Cream Puff Pint

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  • Cream Puff - Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
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Puff Power

Salty-sweet custard with a special, bright, candy-like vanilla reminiscent of the filling inside Old World cream puffs. Loaded with toasted pastry flakes.

When Jeni moved to Columbus in 1985, everyone would tell her the same thing: You have to try the massive cream puffs from long-standing German restaurant, Schmidt’s. Soft puff pastries overflowing with so much salty and bright vanilla custard they practically explode with every bite. Our Cream Puff ice cream (dare we say!) may be even better than the original. It’s addicting, gently salted custard made with an all-natural vanilla created specially for this flavor—a bright and almost candy-like vanilla (think old-school vanilla milkshakes!) nothing like any vanilla we’ve ever used before. The final touch: a heavy-hand of soft pastry flakes for a flavor and texture reminiscent of a great puff pastry.