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Flavors From Earth: The Album ‰by Jeni's Company Band

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  • Flavors From Earth: The Album
  • Flavors From Earth: The Album
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In October, 2012, several members of our crew pooled their talents in Oranjudio Recording Studio in Columbus. 

Inspired by our 2012/2013 Flavors From Earth holiday collections, the Jeni’s Company Band recorded Flavors From Earth: The Album. The four-song record includes three original songs, Is It Cold, Let Go, and The Flurries, Wild and White, along with a slow-burning, suitably spacey take on the Byrds’ Eight Miles High.

This is a limited edition vinyl pressing of the record (we had 500 copies made). 150 grams. 45 RPM. 

You can read more about the making of the album here.


Matt Beckler; Yoni Mizrachi; Kylen Franz; Joshua Hunt; Steve Barrish; Larry Doyle; Christine Deye; Jesse Remnant; Paul Duellman; and Arthur Kadlec.

Recorded in October, 2012, at Oranjudio Recording Studio, Columbus, Ohio. Produced and mixed by Matt Beckler, Drew Bullock, and Tim Neely. Mastered by Chris Graham at Chris Graham Mastering, Columbus, Ohio. Vinyl pressed at Gotta Groove Records, Cleveland, Ohio.